Letter: Former Washington County Commissioner Backs Lisa Weik

Dave Engstrom says the District 5 incumbent “is not afraid to fight for what she believes is right.”

I am writing to offer my support for the re-election of Washington County Commissioner Lisa Weik for District 5.

I was honored to have been elected twice from District 5 and served as county commissioner on the Washington County Board in the 1990s. As a former board member, I continue to pay close attention to the issues facing our county and the decisions our commissioners make.

On numerous occasions I have had the pleasure of discussing county board agenda items with Commissioner Weik. I have found her to be knowledgeable, understanding and creative in finding workable solutions. She is not afraid to fight for what she believes is right.

Lisa Weik has served this year as vice chair of the Washington County Board, and with your help and support will be chairing it in 2013. She will lead the county honorably and with dignity.

Thanks to Commissioner Weik’s initiative and leadership, Washington County residents are fortunate to have an extremely efficient county government. Our county tax rates are among the lowest in the state of Minnesota!

Lisa Weik has served the citizens of Washington County with enthusiasm and detailed knowledge of all issues affecting our future. If re-elected, Commissioner Weik will continue to work hard for her constituents and for what is right for District 5.

Please vote for Lisa Weik on Nov. 6!

—Dave Engstrom, Afton


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Washington County Watchdog October 18, 2012 at 10:59 AM
Wow, rave review. She is not a watchdog for tax payers at all. As a WC resident who regularly attends the County Commissioner meetings I've yet to see a proposed spending initiative she hasn't voted yes for. Whether it's to continue the 37% tax on garbage to subsidize RRT to sort through and send out garbage to be burned even though they refuse to show us their books or it's another million dollars to research the red rock and gateway corridor. Even though the Rush line corridor in WC is unpopular (average 50 riders a day... was expected to have over 200!). I could go on but we all know she'll get re-elected because she's running against a fellow democrat. She's part of the 3 to 2 majority that's increased the debt in WC by 30% in the last few years to $157,000,000... taxes are bound to go up. We have the third highest debt out of the 70 some counties in MN... Ramsey county has this much debt, but they have 3x the population.... no matter what way you look at it we're heading down the wrong path.
Dave Engstrom October 24, 2012 at 12:38 AM
MattCBR, you are one of the most uninformed shills I have ever seen write a letter. I can only guess who you are a shill for.


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