Letter: Lillie Not the Moderate He Seemed at First

Jennifer Nichols, of Woodbury, calls the incumbent Senator a "rigid Tea Party ideologue."

As a moderate Republican, I was encouraged two years ago when Republican Ted Lillie was elected to the Minnesota Senate.  

Ted came across as a moderate businessman who would do his best to get along on both sides of the aisle for the benefit of our state. Sadly, this encouragement has turned to disillusionment as I have watched Lille—now an assistant leader of his caucus—align himself time and again with the Tea Party extremists in his party whose radical agenda threatens Minnesota's high quality of life. 

Lillie marched in lock-step with right wing extremists to shut down state government in 2011; enshrine discrimination into the State Constitution; slash school funding; raise property taxes by eliminating the Market Value Homestead Credit; promote "shoot first" legislation; and poke holes in the social safety net for Minnesota's disabled and elderly.

Equally disappointing—and what can even be considered a disturbing dereliction of duty for any elected official—is Lillie's dismissive attitude to people outside his own party.

I know of Democrats in Woodbury who have never received a mailing from Lillie—not even a legislative report outlining actions of the previous session. A recent letter to the editor from Joyce Denn explained how Lillie never responded to her numerous e-mails.  

Ms. Denn wrote, "Perhaps he does not understand that as a state senator he is supposed to represent everyone in the district, not just the Republicans who voted for him."

My confidence of 2010 has given way to disappointment in 2012.  As a moderate Republican I would rather vote for a commonsense Democrat who listens to all of her constituents than for a rigid Tea Party ideologue who blatantly ignores half of his district. I will not be voting for Ted Lillie this year.  

—Jennifer Nichols, Woodbury


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Frederick Hess November 04, 2012 at 03:13 PM
I have voiced my disappointment with the Senator in previous posts. He ignored my pleas to not put the proposed marriage amendment on the ballot. He chose to answer my emails after the vote was taken and they were canned thanks for your input responses. But the worst slight to me was when he failed to show up at a scheduled meeting at his Senate Office with myself and other members of LGBT community from his district. No excuses, no apologies, no response to the note I left him about being sorry we missed him. He represents all the people in his district including LGBT persons. I was insulted by his decision to ignore us. On the other hand I have had many conversations with candidate Susan Kent the past few months. She is a warm-hearted everyday kind of person that will take the time to hear you and your concerns. She is not the radical the negative campaign ads would lead one to believe. She is a concerned mother with a business and marketing background that knows how get things done. We do have a choice this time to elect a true moderate.
Joyce November 04, 2012 at 08:33 PM
And I thought no one read my letters! Thank you, Jennifer Nichols, for reinforcing the point I made in my letter; our elected officials are supposed to represent us, even when they disagree with us. They may not do what we want them to do, but at the very least they owe us explanations regarding the positions they take and acknowledgment of our positions.
Nikki November 06, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Jennifer Nichols simply wrote this because she is one of Susan Kent's lackeys. Ted is a fine man and a wonderful state senator.


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