Letter: Nancy Remakel is a Common Sense Leader

Former colleague Mary Rose Cossi touts the District 5 Washington County Board candidate’s public-service experience.

There is nothing more important than the application of rigorous common sense to the tough issues that face elected officials today. Nancy Remakel will bring her common-sense experiences to the Washington County Board of Commissioners.

I have known Nancy for 30 years. For that entire time, the two of us were colleagues in South Washington County District 833. We both taught at Lake Middle School in Woodbury, and Nancy also taught at Woodbury High School. 

In addition to being a dedicated and hard-working science teacher, Nancy has been a continuing voice in the community regarding issues of public policy. Here are some of the many positions of trust she has held for the past 17 years:

  • Served on the Woodbury City Council for six years.
  • Served on the Washington County Library Board for six years.
  • Serving in her seventh year as a member of the Woodbury Planning Committee, which she chairs. 
  • Chaired the Roadway Major Maintenance Task Force for the city of Woodbury.
  • Chaired publicity for the $9 million Open Space and Park Referendum, which resulted in the expansion of the Bielenberg Sports Center.
  • Served on the Woodbury Parks Commission for three years.
  • Chaired Guardian Angels parish pastoral council.

In all of her professional activities, and in her life as a public official, Nancy has been a creative thinker and problem solver.  She has always used common sense in her work. Her students always came first, and so will the citizens of Washington County District 5. 

Please vote Remakel on Nov. 6 for District 5 Washington County commissioner. 

—Mary Rose Cossi, retired teacher, District 833


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Washington County Watchdog October 23, 2012 at 11:01 PM
Where's the common sense come in? As far as I know she's just another tax and spending democrat like Weik. The city tax is going up another 3.2% because of all her and the council's spending, State Farm and the 1,500 jobs there left long ago, the only thing growing in Woodbury is government. Remarkle has nothing to offer more than Weik who also takes every chance possible to spend tax dollars. Again I ask, what are the last three non-essential spending projects in woodbury she voted "no" on to save the tax payers money? Face it, she was going to run against Pulkrabec but wasn't comitted enough to move back into his district after the borders changed.


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