Fight Night, ‘Hid the Body,’ Fridge Funk: Woodbury Police Blotter

Selected calls to the Woodbury Public Safety Department from Aug. 16-21.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Aug. 16

Sunglasses valued at $200 and a $500 watch were reported stolen from a vehicle parked at the 2700 block of Mallard Drive.

A woman told police she suspected that it was her ex-boyfriend who punctured a tire on her car and egged the vehicle, which was parked at a friend’s house at the 600 block of Kingfisher Lane. Police made contact with the man, who said he didn’t do it but admitted he followed her home from the bar once because he wanted to know whom she was seeing since they broke up.

A resident contacted police after getting a text message, from a 651 area code, that read: “I hid the body like you requested.” Police learned the number was listed to Pinger phone service and advised the man to take civil remedies or block the number.

A Woodbury woman called police to report that she had seen what appeared to be several drug deals going on at and requested extra patrols in the area.

A employee found a rusty knife with a four-inch blade and electrical tape around the handle near the Miracle Field at the .

After finding a broken basement window, a resident at the 3000 block of Copper Oaks Circle called police about a possible break-in. The sill had rotted and police believe the window likely fell apart.

An employee at called police after seeing a man who had previously stolen tooth-whitening products again in the store looking at similar items. When he saw her he ran, and police were unable to locate him, though they did send him a trespass notice in the mail.

Police were called about a fight at the 6200 block of Garbe Avenue. When officers arrived they found a man bleeding from a cut on the top of his head. He said another man assaulted him during a dispute over a bottle of liquor. Police located the other man, who initially told them his name was John Smith. He was arrested on suspicion of fifth-degree assault and giving false information to police.

An iPod, Playstation 3 and games were reported stolen from a home at the 2500 block of Alpine Drive.

Police were able to locate a suspect who allegedly entered at a home at the 2800 block of Eagle Valley Circle and stole an iPod. Officers found that the man was soliciting in the neighborhood.

A Woodbury woman called police to say a man had pointed a gun at her near the intersection of Hudson Road and Commons Drive. Officers found the man, who did not have a gun, but did blow a .22 on a BPT. He was released to a sober friend.

Aug. 17

Police were called about a large fight at the 7600 block of Dunmore Road. When officers arrived they found several people engaged in a heated argument, and some admitted to minor mutual physical contact. Police were later called back to a home there, and arrested two people—one for a felony warrant and the other for violating an order for protection.

Someone spray-painted “dookie” on a garage door at the 7700 block of Havenwood Circle, and a car next door was spray-painted with the letters “GD.” A mailbox on that block was also defaced.

A worker at the called police after a woman became upset because she couldn’t get a refrigerator in her room. She was gone by the time officers arrived.

Aug. 18

A man was arrested on suspicion of DWI near Radio Drive and Interstate 94. Police found one empty beer bottle in the car and another that was still cold.

Someone put multiple layers of saran wrap around a vehicle at the 800 block of Tamberwood Road.

A resident at the 8300 block of Emerald Lane called police after suspecting someone was removing concrete siding from her garage. Police found a hole about two inches in diameter and it seemed to be from normal wear and tear.

Police were called about a fight involving more than a dozen people at the 8600 block of Quarry Ridge Lane. Officers arrived and found several people yelling at each other and learned that the dispute arose after one person scratched a 3-year-old’s face for soiling his pants. The child had minor scratches but otherwise appeared to be fine.

Aug. 19

Police were called about an unruly customer at the off Lake Road who was upset because the gas station no longer accepted “Speedy Rewards” cards as payment. He agreed to pay another way.

Aug. 20

A man at the 6300 block of Tahoe Place called police after he left his garage door open a foot for his cat and found that a $2,800 laptop, change and a bottle of liquor were stolen.

About $70 in a bankers bag was reported stolen from a business at the 1100 block of Weir Drive. Computers and other high-end electronics were left alone. Doors at the Zumbro House were broken.

A paint sprayer, shop vac and power washer were reported stolen from a home under construction at the 1200 block of Donegal Drive.

Police were called about possible drug deals going down at the . Officers found the smell of marijuana in different areas but were unable to find any specific suspects. There was also a report of men with guns staring someone down.

Aug. 21

A man who had been fired from a job at Bonus Building Care reportedly called a manager there and threatened to beat him up.

A woman called police after her ex-boyfriend made comments about making her have sex with him the next time they saw each other. Officers gave the woman information about obtaining an order for protection, and directed her to police departments where she and he live.

Police were called about an upset 19-year-old who came to demanding to see the police chief.


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Beth-Ann Bloom August 25, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Cat burglar; John Smith visits Woodbury;Car wrapped for freshness
Kris Janisch August 25, 2012 at 07:49 PM
I was thinking about a John Smith one, nice on the car bit Beth-Ann!


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