Loaded Pistol, Pound Of Marijuana, Items For ID Theft Found On Couple In Woodbury

After noticing a black Cadillac parked illegally in a handicap zone at a Woodbury convenience store, police uncovered a cache of illegal items.

Two Florida residents were recently charged with several felonies in Washington County District Court after Woodbury police found a number of illegal items in their vehicle, including a loaded pistol and nearly a pound of marijuana.

Alonzo Edward Scott III, 25, and Latessa Marie Jones, 20, both of Orlando, Fla., were stopped at the Kwik Trip on Hudson Road after a Woodbury officer noticed they were illegally parked in a handicap zone.

After spotting a partially smoked joint on the dashboard of the black Cadillac DeVille, police searched the vehicle, according to the criminal complaint.

Among the items Woodbury officers discovered in the car: nearly a pound of marijuana, a handgun with the serial number scraped off, 19 counterfeit $50 bills and banking information for 14 individuals and businesses. The 9-millimeter pistol was loaded with .380-caliber bullets and had a round in the chamber, the complaint says.

Counterfeit checks were also found in the vehicle, along with handwritten notes of names and identifying information such as addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, personal identification numbers, and bank account numbers.

Scott was charged with possessing an altered firearm, aiding and abetting identity theft, drug possession, and having counterfeit checks and cash. Taken together, the charges carry a maximum sentence of 41 years in prison and $143,000 in fines.

Jones faces four similar felony charges that carry a maximum combined sentence of 40 years in prison and $140,000 in fines.

Rebecca August 11, 2011 at 05:16 PM
Now that's stupidity at its finest! Most people who have NOTHING to hide would NEVER park in a handicapped parking spot just to avoid the $100 fine much less avoid being arrested,sent to prison and fined $140,000! What idiots!
Kris Janisch August 11, 2011 at 05:40 PM
I know, I couldn't believe that when I saw it. They probably would have just passed through town otherwise.


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