Residents Help Woodbury Police Arrest Alleged Drug Dealer

A 19-year-old now faces felony charges after allegedly selling marijuana to a minor.

Residents near the 7200 block of Braemar Lane in Woodbury provided police with an Excel spreadsheet documenting more than 100 suspicious visits to a home there, leading police to arrest a 19-year-old for allegedly selling marijuana.

The Woodbury man faces felony charges after police staked out his home in March, when he allegedly sold marijuana to a minor. Justin Alan Hanson faces up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines stemming from the incident.

Residents told police that Hanson would come out of the home and often conduct transactions with people who would pull into the driveway, according to the criminal complaint. Neighbors said the transactions typically took place after Hanson's mother left the home, according to the complaint.

On March 11, while conducting surveillance of the home, Woodbury police spotted a minivan drive up. One juvenile female went into the house and came out a short time later carrying a tote bag, according to the complaint. Police followed the vehicle after it left the area, and saw the driver smoking a pipe. After initiating a traffic stop, police smelled the odor of burned marijuana and found the drug in the bag, according to the complaint.

One of the three juveniles in the car admitted to police that they bought the marijuana from Hanson, according to the complaint. Police later arrested Hanson, who admitted to selling marijuana to his friends but added that he tries not to sell it to juveniles, according to the complaint.

During a search of the home, police found marijuana and multiple Ziploc bags, some of which exuded a moderate odor of marijuana. They also found a digital scale containing marijuana residue, a marijuana grinder, and a three-inch multi-colored glass marijuana pipe with marijuana residue.

Woodbury police found that Hanson had previous police contacts for underage consumption, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct.


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