Woodbury PD Blotter: Marital Matters, Dirt Bike Chase, Crab Caper

Selected calls to the Woodbury Police Department from Feb. 9-14.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Feb. 9

A routine K-9 patrol of the Woodbury High School parking lot uncovered marijuana in a student’s car.

Police were called after a man, described as sickly looking, took two pairs of jeans from The Buckle and ran out of the store.

After being alerted to a loud dirt bike near the 1300 block of Interlachen Parkway, police spotted the driver, who then headed into a nearby park. The driver eventually came upon another squad car and surrendered. The caller was a police officer who had previously seen the bike on private property. The man was arrested and booked at the Washington County Jail.

Police were called about a wrong-way driver on the westbound ramp at Interstate 94 and Radio Drive, but the motorist was gone by the time officers arrived.

A man at the 6300 block of Tahoe Place called police about possible sexual abuse. He told officers he had asked his wife to “be more sexually active with him.” She came on to him that evening, but he decided to go out for a cigarette. When he came back inside, she was no longer in the mood. He told police that it was sexual abuse because she got him “worked up” but did not finish the deed. Officers told the man that no laws were broken.

Feb. 10

Workers at GNC called police after learning that an employee had used a loophole in the store’s computer system to rack up $3,500 in unauthorized discounts for customers. The employee had no real monetary gain except a 2 percent commission from some sales.

Police were called about some unruly students at a Woodbury High School basketball game. Officers arrived and there were no further incidents.

Someone sprayed silly string on the front door of a home at the 7000 block of Robinwood Trail.

The Woodbury Fire Department was called about a possible explosion at the 2500 block of Woodlane Drive. Firefighters learned that a man had used gasoline to start a recreational fire. His was issued a warning.

A resident who spotted an apparently intoxicated man leave a store at Eagle Valley and Woodbury drives followed him and called police. He was later cited for DWI at his home.

Feb. 11

A computer, smart phone and other items were reported stolen from a vehicle whose window was smashed out while it was parked at Lake Middle School.

Officers found more than 100 tires dumped in two separate locations in the wetlands behind buildings at the 1700 block of Weir Drive. Police are investigating.

A ring valued at $1,899 was reported stolen from a home at the 2500 block of Cornelia Trail.

Several bags of crab legs were reported stolen from Cub Foods.

Feb. 13

A $650 phone was reported stolen Radio Shack.

Feb. 14

A nightstand and bench were reported stolen from HOM Furniture.

Marijuana residue was found in a car at Woodbury High School during a school-requested K-9 patrol.

Melanie Snyder February 18, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Not trying to be rude here, but I swear residents call police for some really silly reasons. People need to stop the crazy calls that potentially take them away from the more serious crimes happening.
Eric Berg February 19, 2012 at 02:02 AM
My father was in law enforcement for close to 30 years. It always amazed me how his day could vary from very serious crime to the absolutely absurd to almost having to be a psychiatrist and still be approachable and courteous to the general public. They're not perfect and they make mistakes like you and I...but I wouldn't trade jobs with them for all the gold in Fort Knox. Takes a special kind of person to wear the badge and represent it with honor knowing that you could face a life-and-death situation at any time--and it could be your responsibility to take or save it. I wonder if the drunk guy at the store was the same one who has been in the previous Blotters...he's certainly blotto..


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