Woodbury Police Blotter: April 14-19

Police responded to a number of vehicle break-ins last week, plus a $15,000 food-service trailer that was stolen and an allegedly injured bird.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Several vehicles were broken into in Woodbury during the overnight hours of April 13-14. Police were able to get a fingerprint from one vehicle. Among the items stolen:

  • A $50 bottle of cologne and tools valued at $420 total from two vehicles parked at the 6100 block of Upper Afton Cove.
  • A stereo was partially pulled out of a vehicle at the 1600 block of Century Circle and some tools were missing from the trunk.
  • A GPS system and garage-door opener from a vehicle parked at the 1600 block of Century Circle on April 14.
  • A $120 GPS system from a vehicle whose window was broken in an underground garage at the 1700 block of Century Circle on April 14.
  • Another vehicle was broken into at the 1600 block of Century Circle, but nothing was taken.

A resident who forgot to close the door of his garage woke up on April 14 to find that three of the vehicles at the home were rummaged through.

A Woodbury resident called police on April 14 to report that the driver of a Hyundai Elantra went through a red light and ran a stop sign near the intersection of Bailey Road and Woodbury Drive.

Two pieces of equipment valued at more than $4,000 total were reported stolen from Paul Davis Emergency Services. The thefts were reported April 14.

A resident at the 9100 block of Pinehurst Road called police on April 14 after receiving phone calls from a man saying he was going to come to his home and “chop his head off.” The caller told police the man had a Middle Eastern accent and demanded $200 in cash. The man called his sister, who said she received a similar call recently. There have been similar incidents reported to Woodbury police in recent weeks.

A resident at the 4800 block of Woodlane Drive called police on April 14 to report that someone had broken into his vehicle and damaged the ignition and removed the molding from the passenger-side windshield.

The window of a vehicle parked at T.G.I. Fridays on April 14 had a window smashed and a laptop bag stolen from it.

A $500 purse and other items, including a $150 iPod, were reported stolen from a vehicle at the 3800 block of Bailey Ridge Drive on April 15.

A resident at the 8700 block of Sequoia Road called police on April 15 after a man claiming to be from Xcel Energy rang her doorbell and said the woman needed to give him $200 and she should have received a letter to that effect. The man had a name badge, but Xcel was spelled “Excel.” She called Xcel officials, who reported that it was a known scam and the energy provider does not take cash payments.

Police were called to the 1500 block of Parkwood Drive on April 15 after a woman there said someone had been kicking her door and leaving rude messages in notes taped to her door. One said “Shut the (expletive) up. Police contacted the man, who apologized. He was given a verbal warning.

A Woodbury man called police on April 16 after his mother-in-law’s vehicle had been tampered with the night before while it was parked in a driveway at the 3100 block of Copper Oaks Trail. No items were missing.

A resident at the 7500 block of Sherwood Road reported that a $300 GPS device in his car was stolen the night before.

Police were called to the intersection of Woodbury Drive and Lake Road on April 16 on a report of injured geese. Police removed the animals from the roadway; one was dead and the other was badly injured. Woodbury police have told Patch that geese crossing area roads is a problem each spring.

A St. Paul resident called police on April 16 to report that a motorist heading southbound on Woodbury Drive from Interstate 94 was driving erratically and swerving all over the road. Police checked the area but could not locate the Chrysler Concord.

A Woodbury man fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a tree at the 4500 block of Woodlane Drive on April 16. The vehicle also struck a power pole and authorities waited until Xcel Energy shut off the power to remove the man from his vehicle. He reported chest pain and soreness in his leg.

A woman at the 3500 block of Hazel Trail called police after receiving harassing phone calls and text messages from an unknown individual. No one answered when police called the number, and officers advised her to call her cell phone provider and have the number blocked.

Police were called to Express on April 16 on a shoplifting report. Police cited the six people involved, cited them and returned more than $720 worth of merchandise to the store.

While responding to another call at Woodbury Lakes on April 16, security officials there told police that there was a theft in progress at American Eagle. Police were able to apprehend the suspects, who were cited for theft.

A Wisconsin man called police on April 17 after his car was parked at the 6900 block of Romeo Road the night before and had its back window shattered with a rock. The passenger-side window was also smashed. The man told police he was not having issues with anyone and had no suspects.

Police were called to the 9100 block of Sequoia Road on April 17 after a home was egged the night before.

The window of a pickup truck parked at the 3400 block of Churchill Drive was broken with a large rock (found in the back seat) during the overnight hours of April 16-17.

A small grass fire broke out in a ditch at the 5600 block of Cottage Grove Drive on April 18. The Woodbury Fire Department responded and put out the fire.

A box of party supplies and an un-activated credit card were reported stolen from a home at the 1700 block of Orchard Drive after the items were delivered by UPS.

A Woodbury Middle School student’s cell phone was reported stolen from the girls’ locker room on April 18.

Workers at a construction site at the 11000 block of Harvest Path called police on April 18 after nearby residents were putting household waste into their dumpsters. The builder requested extra patrols in the area at night.

A Maplewood woman who previously had a restraining order against a Woodbury man came into the police department’s lobby on April 18 after she spotted the man at a couple different spots around town. She would leave one place and go to another and he showed up again. She needed to file a police report to get a fresh restraining order against the man.

A resident called police on April 18 after hearing a small explosion and two small fires broke out on both sides of the 6400 block of Crackleberry Trail. The Woodbury Fire Department handled the call.

Police were called to Carver Lake Beach on April 18 after juveniles were spotted starting a fire. The Woodbury Fire Department handled the call.

A $15,000 food-service trailer and its contents were reported stolen from the vehicle to which it was attached on April 19. The car was parked at the 1100 block of Weir Drive. The total value of the stolen items was $25,000. The caller told police it was stolen sometime between April 13-19.

A resident at the 700 block of Tamberwood Trail called police on April 19 about an injured bird. The woman insisted police catch it and bring it to the Humane Society. An officer told the woman he was unsure if he would be able to catch it. The officer tried to, but the bird ran away. It eventually flew away. The bird seemed to be in good health.


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