Woodbury Police Blotter: Feb. 25-28

Police were called about a few road-rage incidents lately, plus a couple of on-the-spot officers put out small fires using extinguishers from their squad cars.

The following information was obtained from recent police reports.

Police were called to the Red Roof Inn on Feb. 25 after an employee there said she wanted a renter evicted. The employee told police that there had been several problems at the room. Four men and one woman left without incident. Police privately asked the woman if she was OK; she said she was.

A resident at the 6000 block of Buckingham Road called police on Feb. 25 after a computer went missing while she and her daughter were out of town. They had a house-sitter keeping an eye on the home but found a pair of large tennis shoes that didn’t belong to anyone who lives there when they returned.

A resident at the 3000 block of Legacy Lane called police on Feb. 25 after a Janesville, Minn., man threatened to “kick his ass” and “pump three rounds” into his chest. The incident was related to a couple going through a divorce. Woodbury authorities contacted Janesville police about the matter.

A woman at the 3000 block of Camelot Drive called police on Feb. 25 after receiving calls from a person claiming to be from Microsoft who said her computer was infected with a virus and needed personal information to rectify the supposed problem. Police contacted the number from which the call originated but only got a message.

Police were called about a dark Jaguar tailgating other vehicles along Valley Creek Road on Feb. 25. The caller told police the incident should be documented in case similar incidents arise with the same vehicle.

A resident at the 100 block of Bordeaux Court called police on Feb. 25 to report that there was an injured coyote in the area.

Police were called to the Woodbury Wal-Mart on Feb. 25 on a shoplifting report. A woman allegedly stole nearly $130 in clothing by putting items into her purse. Police arrested the individual.

A resident called police on Feb. 25 after a paint ball hit her vehicle while she was on Bielenberg Drive south of Tamarack Road. Officers searched the area for suspicious juveniles at the caller’s suggestion but did not find anyone.

A Woodbury officer put out a small fire at a construction site on Middleton Trail on Feb. 26 using the extinguisher from his squad car.

Woodbury police were called about a Feb. 26 road rage incident near Bailey Road and Lydia Lane. A man told police that another driver had yelled at him, flipped him off and began following him. The man told police the other driver had threatened to kill him two years ago. The caller lost the other driver at the nearby roundabout.

An employee at the Daily Express gas station called police on Feb. 26 after being shorted out of $60 in a “quick change” scam. Police got surveillance video of the incident and are investigating the matter.

Police were called to the 9000 block of Hudson Road on Feb. 26 on a report of an argument over a parking spot. Both parties had left by the time police arrived.

A resident called police on Feb. 26 to report that a pick-up truck tried to force her vehicle off the road. The incident happened on Woodbury Drive south of Valley Creek Road. Police told the woman that a letter would be sent to the truck’s owner.

An employee at Cub Foods called police on Feb. 26 after two teenage boys stole a box of condoms.

A snowmobile along Manning Avenue south of Valley Creek Road caught fire on Feb. 27. A Woodbury police officer was able to put out the fire using the extinguisher from his squad car.

A resident at the 700 block of Woodduck Drive called police on Feb. 27 after her medication went missing during an open house.

Police were called to East Ridge High School on Feb. 28 after a student admitted he stole a 50-cent cheese cup. The student, who was respectful toward police, said he stole the cheese because the school doesn’t give enough. The student will be given chores to do during school hours. 


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