Refrigerated Outdoor Rink Coming to Woodbury Park?

The Woodbury City Council discussed shifting funds for a shelter at the dog park to a new refrigerated ice rink at a city park.

That warm weather that spurned skaters this winter?

It might not be a problem in the future. At one Woodbury park, at least.

During Wednesday night’s , Councilman Paul Rebholz suggested shifting $309,000 slated for a new shelter and bathroom facility at the to new outdoor refrigerated ice rink at a city park.

“I think it would get heavy use and I think it would be a great community amenity,” Rebholz said.

He was against the park shelter plan, likening it to a “$300,000 restroom,” and noted that the city will have to work to maintain it and guard against vandalism.

Parks and Recreation Director Bob Klatt assured him the shelter would be “more than just a restroom,” and added that it would cost closer to $500,000 to construct an outdoor refrigerated rink.

A $500,000 outdoor pleasure-skating rink is being considered as part of the expansion of the , where the city would be able to take advantage of the facility’s geothermal heating and cooling system.

Councilwoman Amy Scoggins agreed that having a reliable place for residents to skate at a city park is a good idea that the city should at least consider.

Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens said officials should first see how the plans for the project unfold.

Klatt, meanwhile, said the city could add the refrigerated rink to the , and noted that it might make sense at , or parks.


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