Residents Speak Out For Dead Woodbury Cat

Those questioning why Jimmy the cat was euthanized attended Wednesday night’s Woodbury City Council meeting.

The took another turn Wednesday, when dozens of people packed a Woodbury City Council meeting to show their support for Jimmy the cat and ask the city to examine how it handles animals whose owners have died.

Jimmy was owned by late Woodbury resident Mary Ray, who left the animal (and her estate) to Animal Ark, a “no-kill” shelter in Hastings. Police brought the cat to the , which euthanized the animal.

Some who attended the meeting wore buttons adorned with Jimmy’s photo and spoke with reporters after the open forum portion of the meeting.

Mike Fry, Animal Ark executive director, and Debbie Long, a Woodbury resident who organized the rally, both questioned whether the Humane Society followed state statutes when it euthanized the cat.

Ray Aboyan, COO of the Humane Society, also spoke during the open forum, saying workers followed procedure.

(Check out the video with this story to see some of their comments.)

Allie Munro came all the way from Eagan after hearing about Jimmy. “My heart was just broken.”

She is a dog owner who worries what would happen to her pet if something happened to her.

“Does that mean my dog is going to die?” Munro said.

Long, who spoke about Jimmy at a December 2011 council meeting, told Patch that the city should look at using a no-kill shelter.

Minnesota law requires animal shelters to hold stray animals for five days or until the owner comes forward, or 10 days if animals are victims of abuse, neglect or cruelty. Long said that she plans to speak with local legislators about changing state law to clear up the language in the laws.

Council members declined to comment on the matter, though Chief Lee Vague said police are looking into it. Police have been dealing with a number of other recent incidents, he said, and have not yet had time to properly research the Jimmy situation.

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Susan January 16, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Davea, since you seem so misinformed let me set you straight here. First off, I am a long time WOODBURY resident, not Hastings, and the only pet sanctuary I am involved in is in my home with my two pets. I have never accused any public servant of anything. As for the organization that contributes, yes, I do have a big problem with ANY organizations that break the law. Once again, you forget about that part. Let me remind you, they IGNORED a legal WILL! Lastly, I am defending Mike because he has every right to be up in arms about this as he was mentioned in the WILL. I'm certain if someone left something to you in a WILL and it was ignored you would be upset too. Your negative attitude and narrow minded opinions might be better used to help right a wrong instead of putting down others trying to do just that. Unless of course you are somehow involved in the business that broke the law, which by the sounds of it you are.
Dave Anderson January 16, 2012 at 02:13 AM
Susan should have separated you from Mr. Fry and his actions. I only included you based on your comment that about importance of the story. I apologize for grouping your motives with Mr. Fry's although it appears you believe him more than your public safety people . For the record I have no involvement with AHS other than actually adopting a stray dog from them. In addition I know many instances where they have helped neighbors in Woodbury with their pets. It is unfortunate that the will in questions was not followed but to say it was ignored enters into the same craziness as Mr Fry likes to propose. At worst a mistake was made for which I am sure everyone has learned from.
Benita Johnson-Young January 16, 2012 at 11:37 PM
I have read and re-read the comments to this article. It saddens me that many think that not complying to a will or a persons 'last wishes' is acceptable. After reading about the plight of this poor lady and her cat, I started to 'investigate' what policies my area has about pets who are left behind because of a death. It seems they would be taken to the Animal Shelter and subsequently euthanized. This for me is not acceptable. You see, I may not be 'elderly'...but I have terminal cancer. I am alone with my pets and do not want them euthanized after I am gone. So I have taken things into my own hands, and I am trying to find good homes for them before my demise. I know now that my will and 'last wishes' would not be honored...which is sad really...that's why I had one drawn up, so others would know what I wanted after I was gone. Yes, there are more 'important' things going on in the world these days...but to some of us, THIS is important enough to do something about...I may not be able to feed the world's hungry...but I can try and save my pets.
Angel Williams January 17, 2012 at 12:41 AM
My OWN personal opinion is what happened is Appalling. I live alone, my pets ARE my closest family, even though I DO have Family already that will care for my pets. But now we have to worry if they don't get here fast enough will are pets be taken away and put in the hands of some that will take things in their own hands first? It's NOT like we all have expiration dates on our lives...only ONE knows that plan. A will is only good IF someone reads it first, a "chip" is ONLY good IF someone is caring enough to think about it and scan it. Should we Now attach "Medical Alert" tags to our pets to draw immediate attention to them that MAYBE they will be contacted first B4 our pets are harmed? Our pets "Medical Condition" is the Fear that they could Lose Their Life B4 family gets there in time! That IS a "Medical Condition". And to those that say it ISN'T the Fact that Jimmy lost there life that is the issue, its HOW it was handled... Wrong! It IS the Fact that Jimmy Did Lose His Life!! Even though Plans Were in place! What good is a WILL if no one Reads it first! It doesn't matter if the will is in regards to Someone's Estate OR their Loved Pets! IF that Will would have been there for a Millionaire...for SURE it would have been read QUICK!! A Will is to PROTECT what is Most Important to the Person that took the time to Have the LEGAL Document Already In Place! =^..^=
Angel Williams January 17, 2012 at 12:46 AM
...HER Life.


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