Woodbury to Consider Buying Parcels for $1 Million Using Land and Water Legacy Dollars

Part of a plan that would expand open space in the city, staff anticipates the Washington County program would contribute half the cost.

Looking to add to the city’s open space acreage, the Woodbury City Council on Wednesday will discuss a plan to purchase two parcels in the city.

The parcels are:  

  • The former Lone Lake Kennels land, a nearly 30-acre wooded site adjacent to the existing La Lake Open Space. A March 2012 appraisal put its value at $800,000, according to a city council memo.
  • The so-called Neuburger parcel, 15 acres that sits near the Valley Creek Open Space. A December 2012 appraisal on the land was $285,000.

Under the current plan, half of the cost of the purchases would fall to the city, with the other 50 percent coming through Washington County’s 2006 voter-approved Land and Water Legacy Program. The cost sharing would be similar to the method used to purchase a Dale Woods parcel in 2010, according to the council memo.

Both parcels are on the priority open space acquisition list in Woodbury’s Park, Trail and Recreation Plan.

By purchasing the Lone Lake Kennels land, the city would own more than 50 percent of the shoreline along La Lake.

The land near the Valley Creek Open Space contains the mapped portion of the Valley Creek trout stream, and by buying the parcel the city would also have opportunities to connect it to the existing open space area.

        Related: Check out the council memo for a detailed description of the topography of the sites.

The city’s portion of the financing would likely come through the Park and Open Space Fund, which would be replenished by $1.5 million in transfers as reimbursement for land previously purchased but being used for other purposes, i.e. a well, regional storm water pond and road right-of-way.

The Woodbury City Council will discuss the matter in a Wednesday workshop; no formal action will be taken. The council meets at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

The proposed purchases are expected to go before the county’s Park and Open Space Commission on Jan. 17 and the Washington County Board on Jan. 22.

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